Hi guys, I am surprising myself (as well as you) by writing another blog! This will probably count for next weeks blog because I am going to be very busy as I am moving! For safety reasons I can’t say where from and to, but I just wanted to let you know. I did try to make a blog about moving but I couldn’t think of what to say and it turned out really bad so I deleted it. Now that I’ve told you that bit of news let’s get onto the topic!

I have always cared for children around the world in difficult situations but last night I saw a truly heart-changing video on BBC iPlayer about being homeless. It was very inspirational and it showed you what it was really like to be homeless. It was about the lives of three different children who were homeless and what it was like to live in those conditions. If you have BBC iPlayer then I recommend you watch it as it will definitely inspire you. It was bit sad as well  to think that they had to live in those circumstances. I think this will be the end of today’s blog but if you go on UNICEF you can donate to children like them. Bye now, Luna.



Hi guys, as you can see I am keeping my promise (so far) and writing a blog but today I am doing a collab (writing a blog with somebody else) with one of my best friends, Mei. She also has a blog and I will leave the link down below. As we are having a sleepover today, we thought it would be the perfect thing to write about! Anyway let’s get on with the subject!

Sleepover traditions vary from place to place but there is one thing that doesn’t change, a midnight feast! For me, a sleepover isn’t a sleepover without them! Girls usually tend to have spa nights and facemasks and things like that but at midnight, the fun really begins! Another good idea is to watch a movie (not a horror one!!!!!) as it will tire you a bit and be fun! You could also cook something and then eat it – why not make popcorn to go with your film! Sleepovers are really fun and are a great time to bond with your friends! I think I’ll leave it there because my friend is really impatient! Bye then, see you next week!

Mei’s blog: starfiresblogs.wordpress.com


Hi guys! I just want to say that I promise I will upload a blog once a week! This about the one-hundredth time I have said it but I really will do it. Anyway, let’s get on with the blog.

I love slime but unfortunately, I can’t make it. I think it is probably the ingredients I use because I have tried to make slime about three or four times but they have all failed. I have tried to make two types of slime – fluffy and normal. My favourite type of slime is fluffy and my second favourite is glossy/clicky. I have never actually felt either of these but I have watched loads of videos about them. Comment down below what your favourite type of slime is because it would mean the world to me. Also, it would be helpful if you could add a recipe. This is the end of todays blog so until next time, Luna.



A review on Anne Frank The diary of a young girl

Hi everyone, I am sorry that I haven’t written a blog for ages but either I couldn’t be bothered or a really couldn’t find time do it. I know I have said this lots of times, but I really will try to write more often. Today, as you can see in the title, I am going to be writing about the diary of Anne Frank. It is a very sad and inspiring book and I absolutely loved it. Lately, I have been reading lots of books about the Nazi’s and all of them were very sad but very interesting. I would definitely recommend this book but not for children younger than nine as it could get a bit sad and tricky to read. If you like I am Malala then this is the book for you. It is about Anne’s thoughts and feelings while she hides in an annexe with seven other people for two years. Unfortunately, it has a sad ending as, in August 1944, somebody betrays the family (and the other people). Anne’s father, Otto Frank, was the only member of his immediate family who survived the holocaust. He found Anne’s diary and published it, wanting to share his daughter’s message with the world. Anne herself died in either late February or early March, a day after her sister, from typhus. It was especially sad because she died just a few weeks before the camp liberated and the war ended. Here is a photo of the book:


Sorry the photo is a bit blurry but that was the best I could do. I am going to stop writing now but I hoped you enjoyed my blog!
Bye, Luna.


What I got for Christmas🎁🎁🎁

Hi everyone,

As I said in my online journal blogs, I am going to do a what I got for Christmas blog! Please remember that I am not trying to boast or brag in any way and I hope that everyone got lovely presents as well. Anyway, let’s get started!

For christmas I got:

A black pleated leather skirt, a black and gold jacket and a white shirt

A smiggle backpack

Black jeans, a red, gold and dark blue shirt and a black coat

A swimming costume and hat

A pair of rainbow coloured sparkly trainers with black laces

A wash bag with a perfume and a pocket hairbrush

A pink bean bag

A kindle

A purple iPad case

A rose shower gel and body lotion

That is everything I got and I know that I got loads of things but I got some of them at  my grandmas’ house. I hope that you had a great Christmas as well and I think that I will be doing another blog soon. Bye now, Luna!





A review on WikiHow

Hi everyone! Today I am going to be doing a review on WikiHow as it is the best website that I am using right now. I got this idea from kids blog club which is also a really helpful website for young bloggers who are stuck on ideas for what to write. I will put the link of WikiHow down below so that you can have a look at it if you haven’t already. Anyway let’s start!

The reason I think WikiHow is the best website I am using right now is because it has helpful ideas for nearly everything. I also found out recently that you can write your own posts on it though they may not appear as they have to be looked out first. Another reason I like it is because it is in child-friendly language so it is really easy to understand.  Most of the posts also have pictures to go with them which makes it even more simple! I find WikiHow an extremely helpful site and I would certainly recommend using it if you haven’t already. I would definitely give it a five out of five-star rating!

Link for WikiHow: http://Wikihow.com

I think that I have written enough for today although I will do some more blogs very soon. Bye, Luna!


Carrying on the online journal!

Hi everyone! I am going to carry on the online journal as you can see at the title. Just so you know, there won’t be a part about unwrapping presents as my family decided to open them last night! Anyway, as I said yesterday I am not going to say what my presents were because I will have more back at my house so I will do a blog  called “What I got for Christmas” which will include everything I got. So, let’s get started!

Dear diary,

This morning I woke up to my sister moaning that she wanted to get up and change into her clothes. I told her to be quiet and started to wish that I hadn’t opened all my presents last night! My sister kept on begging to get up so my mum eventually gave in and we got up. Then my parents told me to wash my hair because they said it was quite dirty so I had to go and have a shower. I hate having showers in the morning and I barely have them but today I had to was my hair as well. I do admit that it looked a lot better afterwards but I still wasn’t very pleased about it. Then my dad went to buy churros con chocolate for breakfast so I went on his laptop for bit to look at other people’s blogs. About half an hour later, he came back and I eagerly ate my delicious breakfast. After that, I went back on my dad’s laptop and started writing this blog. Then, very annoyingly, my sister dropped a bit of her nano pocket drone that she got last night and I had to get up for my parents to lift the sofa. After that, my parents said that we had to go out for a walk. It was quite a long walk but very enjoyable although it was quite windy. Here are some pictures:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Then I went to a cafe and had some water and grated tomatoes spread on bread. We stayed there for a while and my dad showed me and my sister a game with some paper and pens. Eventually, we left and started heading to a restaurant as it was christmas! I forgot to say that I made a photo of the toast (bread with tomatoes) to show you so here it is:

IMG_0311Anyway, once we got to the restaurant and I started fiddling with my iPad and put all my apps in the order of my favourites and most used. I also put one page into little boxes with the criteria videos and shows, reading apps, games, education, e.t.c. I had a burger and chips and they were so nice that I ate everything! About two hours later, we went to my grandma’s flat for me and my sister to change out of our skirts and into our trousers because we were going ice-skating! We went for an hour and it was lots of fun and I only fell down once.The time I did fall down was quite funny but painful because I fell right on my stomach. Then we started heading back to my grandma’s and that is where I am now. I have decided not to have dinner as I am not very hungry so I will probably just go on my iPad and to sleep.

I hope that you have enjoyed both my online journals but I don’t think that I will be doing anymore. I will probably do a few more posts next week but I think that two is enough for this week! Bye now, Luna.