Favourite animals

Hi everyone, it took me quite a long time to figure out what to write about today but in the end I did decide. I am going to be writing about animals, dogs in particular. What is your favourite animal? Mine would be a dolphin, but my favourite pet would be a puppy. Todays blog links to me really nicely because next weekend I am getting a beagle puppy!!!! My mum, my sister, and me have wanted a dog for ages (my dad agrees but he is not so keen) and we are finally getting one. I am really excited and I have read a whole book about beagles in advance. They are very lively and mischievous dogs which is very surprising as they have such cute faces! I do know that getting a dog is a huge responsibility and the first year is the most important. You have to be very strict with them (which might seem an impossible task to some people because of their cuteness!) or otherwise they won’t learn properly. I like puppies when they are sleepy and relaxed and you can stroke them on your lap, while my little sister prefers them when they are active and fun and playful. Either way, they are cute, adorable creatures that can cause a lot of mischief. That will be the end of todays blog and I just realised that I wrote in exactly one week. Until next time, Luna.


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