Hi guys, I am surprising myself (as well as you) by writing another blog! This will probably count for next weeks blog because I am going to be very busy as I am moving! For safety reasons I can’t say where from and to, but I just wanted to let you know. I did try to make a blog about moving but I couldn’t think of what to say and it turned out really bad so I deleted it. Now that I’ve told you that bit of news let’s get onto the topic!

I have always cared for children around the world in difficult situations but last night I saw a truly heart-changing video on BBC iPlayer about being homeless. It was very inspirational and it showed you what it was really like to be homeless. It was about the lives of three different children who were homeless and what it was like to live in those conditions. If you have BBC iPlayer then I recommend you watch it as it will definitely inspire you. It was bit sad as well  to think that they had to live in those circumstances. I think this will be the end of today’s blog but if you go on UNICEF you can donate to children like them. Bye now, Luna.


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