A review on WikiHow

Hi everyone! Today I am going to be doing a review on WikiHow as it is the best website that I am using right now. I got this idea from kids blog club which is also a really helpful website for young bloggers who are stuck on ideas for what to write. I will put the link of WikiHow down below so that you can have a look at it if you haven’t already. Anyway let’s start!

The reason I think WikiHow is the best website I am using right now is because it has helpful ideas for nearly everything. I also found out recently that you can write your own posts on it though they may not appear as they have to be looked out first. Another reason I like it is because it is in child-friendly language so it is really easy to understand.  Most of the posts also have pictures to go with them which makes it even more simple! I find WikiHow an extremely helpful site and I would certainly recommend using it if you haven’t already. I would definitely give it a five out of five-star rating!

Link for WikiHow: http://Wikihow.com

I think that I have written enough for today although I will do some more blogs very soon. Bye, Luna!


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