Online Journal

Hi everyone, I often find it hard to decide what to write about and I was just looking on notes (the app) to find some draft blogs and I saw that I’d left an idea to do an online journal. I think this is a pretty nice thing to write about as it is Christmas Eve! I know that I put online journal as the title but I think that I am going to write this in the style of a diary. Anyway, let’s get started!

Dear diary,

This morning I woke up and the first thing I thought about was how soon Christmas was! I snuggled down under the bed sheets and tried to sleep for a bit longer as it was the holidays. Eventually, I got out of bed and changed into my clothes. I got my hairbrush and brushed my hair for nearly 20 minutes as it just wouldn’t go right! I went to eat breakfast which was just milk as I wasn’t really hungry for food. Then I did my kumon (maths and english work) and luckily my english was all reading! Then I went to the park in the beach  and played for a bit. Here is a picture of what it looks like:


Then I went to a shop and my mum bought some socks and my sister bought some pens and a notebook. After that, I went to a Ice-cream shop and bought a strawberry ice-cream which I ate on the way to a supermarket. As it was christmas eve, my parents let me and my sister buy sweets and things like that. Here are the things we chose – a big packet of crisps to share, a pack of Oreos containing four small bags to share, some sour/sugary strawberry strands for me, a bag of sweets which looked like cherries for my sister, and a small box of Ferror Rochers for everyone! Then I went to this restaurant/cafe and had some delicious meatballs and a big slice of baguette bread with grated tomato spread all over it. Afterwards, it was lunch time and I went to my grandma’s flat  but I wasn’t really hungry because of all the food I had just eaten. My parents then went out for a walk and left us with our grandparents while I wrote and watched YouTube and my sister drew pictures. About two hours later, my parents came to take us out for churros con chocolate with some friends and their family. They were delicious, but the chocolate was a bit too thick and dark. Then we went back to my grandma’s and that is where I am currently. I am just writing about what happened in the afternoon as I have had to write for short amounts in the day at a time. I am so excited for christmas and I can just not stop thinking about it! I think that I am definitley going to carry on doing an online journal tomorrow as it is christmas. I am actually not going to say what my presents were as I also have presents back at my house so when I know what they all are I will write a blog saying everything I got for Christmas. Anyway, I am going to have my Christmas Eve dinner with my family now so as I am going to be going to bed quite late I will end this blog now. As I said before, I will post another blog tomorrow so until next time!

Bye, Luna.




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