As you probably know, it was anti-bullying week recently so I decided to write a short story about how a victim felt when they were being bullied. I hope that you enjoy this story as it took me a lot of time and effort to write.

The Story of a Victim

I’m going to begin right at the start, when my happiness and joy ended and my problems and worries began. It was the first day of school after a long and enjoyable summer holidays and I was talking to my best friend, Emily, about volcanoes. I was passionate about volcanoes, I would spend every minute of my free time doing research about them. I was just telling Emily why they exploded and was getting a bit too carried away, even doing a dramatic exploding gesture with my hands. It turns out that my hand hit a new girl’s nose who had just joined the school, I said sorry and asked if she needed an ice-pack but she just shoved me out the way and said, “You will be!”. I blinked and turned around to talk to Emily but she had gone and was out of sight. Who was that new girl? I thought to myself, and who gave her the right to treat me like that? Just as I was thinking about all of this, the bell went, a signal that we had to go in and do our lessons. I picked up my school bag, went inside, and started unpacking it. As I was sitting down, I saw that the new girl was in my class! I knew that she would be in my year, as she looked somewhere around the same age as me, but I had hoped and hoped that she wouldn’t be in my class! I sighed and got out my maths book and started doing the sums. After about one hour of boredom my teacher, Ms Higgans, announced that it was break time! I got my coat and snack and skipped outside happily enough. I had a particularly yummy snack, three chocolate digestive biscuits, and was really looking to eating them. I got the biscuits out of my bag and just as I was going to bite into one the new girl snatched it! She took the other two as well and started walking away! I really was cross with her at this point so I ran up to her and shouted “What did you do that for!?”. She just shrugged and said, “Serves you right! And by the way, my name’s Rose and don’t you forget it!” I was so baffled, confused and upset that I ran into the toilets, locked myself into a cubicle, and wept. This Rose was so hateful and mean that I didn’t know how I was going to survive with her for the rest of the year!

Bye now, Luna.


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